Do you own a fur coat with an out-of-fashion design that was given to you or that you simply inherited from a relative, and you have never had the opportunity to wear it due to the somewhat outdated design? From today with us you will finally have the opportunity to remodel it based on your choices and preferences. We can make small adjustments, modify the shape, renew the line or completely change the model, making your fur in step with today's fashion and modern trends, transforming it into a brand new garment that is unique and exclusive of its kind.


Our service includes:

  • Free consultation on fur restyling + final quote
  • Personalized tailor-made paper pattern
  • Collection and delivery of the garment
  • Complete remodeling on furs of: mink, fox, beaver, Persian, sable, chinchilla and marten.
  • Replacement of the lining and buttons of your choice
  • Process of lightening the internal part of the fur from additional fabric sheets worn and worn by time, making the fur softer and lighter like a feather.
  • Fur cleaning service


The time required for a remodel can vary between 7 and 10 days depending on the fur, for a cost starting from €350 up to €650 calculated at the time of the estimate based on the amount of work and changes required.